Autopilot hardware testing with Teutonic thoroughness.

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Welcome to automated testing!

Dronetest is a set of Ruby scripts which execute per-commit and per-pull-request tests on real autopilot hardware. It uses Hans-CI to apply teutonic thoroughness. In addition, it supports long-term soak tests on selected branches (e.g. stable or master). It supports Mac OS and tiny Linux computers such as the Intel Compute Stick. After installing the prerequisites according to the README.md, the test harness can be put to use with just very few commands:

$ git clone https://github.com/hanssaurer/px4test.git
$ cd px4test
$ # Create the config.txt according to the README.md instructions
$ ./run.sh # For a quick test
$ # Or add watchdog.sh as a cron-job entry which will auto-update the script.

Testing Output

The system generates a HTML report available for download and sends a summary via email. The report includes the console output of the autopilot and a GIF showing the led pattern (example report).


Authors and Contact

Hans Saurer (@hanssaurer), Lorenz Meier (@LorenzMeier).